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The Birch Update

For the last two years there has been much controversy over the building of The Birch Racquet & Lawn Club in North Keller. I didn’t support the building of The Birch in the residential area but it is here to stay and we should want it to be successful.

With that being said I’ve been following it’s progress. Many of you have heard that The Birch ran into financial difficulties that had slowed construction considerably. They fired their first general contractor that significantly under bid the project and was not paying it‘s sub-contractors which led to many liens being placed on the property. Additionally, The Birch ran into unexpected tax related issues with TAD that caused large tax bills that needed to be paid.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit with Taylor Dent, Owner & Director of Tennis to get an update on construction of The Birch. During the conservation I learned that The Birch has made considerable progress on resolving the issues I mentioned above.

The Birch and TAD settled the tax issues and as of last Thursday all taxes have been paid. This has allowed the city to move forward with finalizing the plat of the property. Additionally, an inspection was completed of the indoor tennis building and The Birch’s building permit renewed.

Mr. Dent also informed me that they have raised all the money required to complete the project and a significant amount of work is taking place on the property. The estimated opening date for The Birch is May 1, 2020.

Let me know if there are any questions but let’s wish The Birch success in filling the promise of being a great, unique, business in Keller.

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