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My name is Sean M. Hicks. I am currently the CEO of New Leaf Service Contracts. My business partner and I founded the company in 2011 and have had tremendous success. We started the business because we knew we could better serve our retailers selling service contracts. In the process, we had to raise initial capital and make tough decisions to grow. Today we have over 120 employees and serve millions of customers nationwide. I understand budgets, capital investments, and how to listen to my customers--and community.

Prior to moving to Keller, I spent 19 years in Bedford. While there, I dedicated 6 years to the Parks & Recreation Board and served on the Bedford 2005 Bond Committee where I was on the Public Safety Team.


Since the move to Keller, I was fortunate to be appointed to the Economic Development Committee where I served for four years, and learned how the city works to recruit high-quality commercial vendors to help our city thrive. Additionally, I was a member of the first class of the Keller Citizens Academy which was designed to educate the citizens on how the city operates. I served two terms in the Marshall Point HOA as a board member and previously as the treasurer for one term. Currently I serve as a City Councilman and was elected Mayor Pro Tem by my peers in 2019. Additionally, I serve as a director for the Keller Farmer's Market and the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce.

I share all of this to say I have been preparing to serve and  in elected local government for many years and love doing so.

When I am not working at New Leaf or serving my city and community, I enjoy reading and spending time with my wonderful wife and children. Our blended family makes us unique--something I wouldn't trade for the world.

I am honored to serve my community as a Keller City Councilman. 

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